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Top Three Popular Women’s Church Hats

Making a statement is always fun when it comes to getting dressed, and when it comes to women’s church hats , there are a lot of ways to add glamour and style to your look with one. Women’s church hats are generally thought of as being wide-brimmed hats that have large adornments and embellishments. However, they are available in many different styles. [...]

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The Evolution of Women's Hats

Hats are considered a great accessory these days, though optional. However, this wasn’t always the case. In the past, they were a must—women wouldn’t consider leaving the house without one! What initially launched the popularity of hats was actually a church decrial, which required women to cover their hair in holy places. Nowadays, though law [...]

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Hats Off to Victoria Derby Day

People the world over are familiar with America's "Kentucky Derby." Of similar stature is the Victoria Derby, an Australian Thoroughbred horse race originating over 150 years ago in Melbourne, in the southern state of Victoria, Australia. What is now known as "the race that stops a nation"™ grew from the most humble of beginnings in 1861 to attain the iconic [...]

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Origins of 6 Popular Kentucky Derby Traditions

When you think of Kentucky Derby traditions and culture—mint juleps, the rose garlands, and of course, elaborate hats—you probably don’t think too much about where those traditions originated. After all, it’s a fun race to watch that brings everyone together for a day. It’s an exciting celebration, but while the traditions are of course fun, [...]

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