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Should a Fascinator Match Your Dress or Shoes?

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A fascinator or fascinator-style hat can be a perfect, show-stopping centerpiece to a formal outfit, and choosing the right fascinator to match your style makes all the difference. But with so many colors and styles to choose from, how do you find the best fascinator?

While the fascinator is the star of the show, the trick is to choose the rest of your outfit—the dress, shoes, jewelry, bag, etc.—first. Then you can find a fascinator that matches or complements your outfit.

How to Match a Fascinator to Your Outfit

The most popular way to match a fascinator to your outfit is to pick a color that matches or complements the color of your dress. If the dress has more than one color, you can choose an accent color and find a matching fascinator. Alternatively, you could find a fascinator in a beautifully contrasting color. Regardless, matching the color of the fascinator to your dress is a classic, sleek option.

Another approach is to coordinate the color of the fascinator hat to match your shoes, bag, jewelry, or other accessories. This option can really tie the whole outfit together.

Whether you match the fascinator to your dress or shoes, make sure to wear a fascinator that draws the eye and leaves an unforgettable impression on passersby.

7 Gorgeous Fascinators to Pair with Your Dress or Shoes

We have a selection of fascinators and fascinator hats in a wide range of colors. Start by exploring these elegant styles.

1. Toni Fascinator Hat – Hot Pink & Aqua

Toni Fascinator Hat – Hot Pink and Aqua

The  Toni Fascinator Hat in hot pink and aqua is a stunning fascinator hat. The hot pink and aqua combined create a show-stopping look.

Pair this unique fascinator hat with a navy blue, white, ivory, hot pink, printed, or matching aqua dress.

2. Luna Fascinator – Hot Pink

Luna Fascinator – Hot Pink

Draw the eye and create visual depth with the extra-large  Luna Fascinator in hot pink. The slope of the brim is interesting and lively, creating a fascinator that looks like a wearable art piece.

The Luna will match beautifully with a bright blue, yellow, white, cream, print, or hot pink dress.

3. Poisey Fascinator – Pink & Silver

Poisey Fascinator – Pink & Silver

Adorned with a spray of feathers and embellished with faux pearls, the  Poisey Fascinator in pink and silver is truly stunning. The tall feather detail elongates the silhouette, and the fascinator’s sleek lines adds crisp elegance to any formal outfit.

Add the Poisey to your look with a navy blue, white, ivory, or printed dress to let this fascinator shine.

4. Libby Fascinator – Sky Blue

Libby Fascinator – Sky Blue

The  Libby Fascinator in sky blue is a delicate yet dazzling option. The gorgeous, soft color and the curves and twist of the bow detail make this the perfect fascinator for a horse race, wedding, or other special event.

Pair the Libby with a soft pink, navy blue, black, or matching sky blue dress to complete the look.

5. Bellissimo Fascinator – Black

Bellissimo Fascinator – Black

For a sophisticated and entrancing hat, look no further than the  Bellissimo Fascinator in black. The bold ribbon detail perfectly complements the delicate lace brim, and the striking, swirling lines will draw everyone’s attention.

The Bellissimo is the perfect choice to match a black, white, ivory, cream, pink, or printed dress.

6. Wispy Fascinator – Ivory

Wispy Fascinator – Ivory

Dramatic and whimsical, the  Wispy Fascinator in ivory is sure to turn heads. This fascinator is adorned with stunning ribbon and feather detail to create an unforgettable fashion accessory.

The Wispy will go well with an ivory, navy blue, hot pink, black, or floral dress.

7. Lace Disc Fascinator – Black

Lace Disc Fascinator – Black

The entrancing pattern and flower and quill detail of the  Lace Disc Fascinator makes it a unique, jaw-dropping addition to your outfit for any formal occasion, from a cocktail party to a day at the races.

Pair the Lace Disc Fascinator with a black, white, ivory, cream, pink, or printed dress.

Shop Our Selection of Stunning Fascinator Hats at Gold Coast Couture

At Gold Coast Couture, we offer a wide range of formal and casual hats for every occasion, including a variety of  fascinators that are perfect for a wedding, a Kentucky Derby party, or any other formal event. We have all the latest styles and trends, and our design team is constantly adding more fascinator hats to our inventory.

With a wide selection of  designers and styles to choose from, we are ready to help you find a fascinator hat that will add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

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