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Kentucky Derby Hats 2017: The Best & Worst

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The Kentucky Derby is a tradition that goes all the way back to 1875. And one of the most glamorous traditions that come along with it is the fashion.

Kentucky Derby hats and fashion have been glorified for generations. Attendees don exciting hats, fascinators, and attire to witness the most exciting 2 minutes in sports year after year. These hats can be studded with feathers, pearls, and crystals, or opt for a more “interesting” feel.

We’ve decided to pay homage to some of the most memorable looks from the 2017 race. Let’s take a look back at the fascinators you may have missed, the hats you wish you never saw, and more!

Best Women’s Kentucky Derby Hats 2017

If there was one thing prevalent in 2017 Kentucky Derby hat fashion, it was feathers. Everywhere you turned it seemed that a feather was right around the corner. Although, there were plenty of other styles prevalent such as roses that have been a Kentucky Derby staple for years. Here are our top picks for best women’s Kentucky derby hat of 2017:

It’s really hard to glide past this stunning blush fascinator without giving it the praise it deserves. This beauty incorporates classic white netting, a show-stopping blush rose, and feathers shooting out from the rose seamlessly almost as an extension of the flower.

This hat is most definitely one of our favorites of all time as it exhibits class, sophistication, and tradition while bringing a modern twist.

Next up on the list is this show-stopping oversized brim hat. We assume this bold red is a nod to the long-standing nickname for the Kentucky Derby, The Run for the Roses. It features beautiful red tool, glamorous bright red roses, and exquisite red feathers.

We’re sure this hat had people stopping in their tracks. Just be happy you didn’t have to sit behind this hat during the race!

Worst Women’s Kentucky Derby Hats 2017

As with any Kentucky Derby, there’s sure to be a few…questionable hats that make it into the races. Here are our picks for the most “interesting” women’s derby hats:

Even at the Kentucky Derby, there is a limit. Although we appreciate the effort put into this wonderful piece, this hat may have gone a bit too far. We love color, but maybe electrical blue, green, and purple along with red roses wasn’t the best pick…

As we said before, there was no scarcity of feathers at the 2017 Kentucky Derby, and this piece may be the most perfect example of that trend. We truly do love the blush color and the studded cap, but we’re thinking these feathers are just a bit over the top. We appreciate the expression, but this length may be a tad bit dangerous…

Best Men’s Kentucky Derby Hats 2017

Although women’s hats are more popular than men’s hats at the derby, there were still a few standouts within this category.

Sometimes a classic hat is all you need to make a statement. We loved Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval’s classic wide-brimmed fedora. This fedora can be paired with almost any ensemble and it perfectly complements his plaid suit. Sometimes a bit of simplicity is all you need.

Worst Men’s Kentucky Derby Hats 2017

Sometimes, the men of the Kentucky Derby tend to get a bit “creative” with their hat fashion. This can result is some hats that there is no other way to describe as than “interesting”. Here are a few “interesting” men’s derby hats that struck our eye:

Skip Koepnick is no stranger to the Kentucky Derby. He’s been in attendance with his creatively designed hats for years. This piece is truly one-of-a-kind as it features a rotating wheel of horses on top of a painted helmet. We appreciate the artistry, but this hat is a no from us.

Now this ensemble may make you stop dead in your tracks. Cincinnati’s Garey Faulkner has been internationally awarded for his beard and every year he graces us with his funky beard and hat designs at the Kentucky Derby. This year’s hat is an interesting top hat donned with roses and a miniature horse complemented by his award-winning beard. We do support this look but we’re not sure it’s…well…fashionable.

Best Kentucky Derby Outfits 2017

Onto everyone’s favorite category – best dressed! This was a difficult decision on our parts, but we hope we covered all the bases. The derby truly featured some eye-catching outfits that centered on the tradition and richness of the Kentucky Derby. Here are our picks for the best Kentucky Derby outfits of 2017:

All eyes were on Giada De Laurentiis in this absolutely stunning ensemble. From her head to her toes, she screamed class, sophistication, and originality. This Emmy-Award winning Foot Network chef paid homage to the derby in this derby-inspired ensemble. Her dress featured depictions of horses along with other artistic elements making this colorful piece one to remember.

Paired with a gorgeous yellow floppy hat and platform heels, De Laurentiis truly stole the show.

If you’re wondering how to perfectly match a hat to an outfit, this is it. This gorgeous pearl-studded black and white dressed paired with a pearl-studded black fascinator is truly magnificent. This timeless ensemble is as classic as it gets. We’re a huge fan and we hope to see more complimenting ensembles like this in the future!

Worst Kentucky Derby Outfits 2017

Not everyone can hit the jackpot when it comes to Kentucky Derby fashion. Below are a few that didn’t quite make the “best dressed” list:

We’re a bit disappointed with PGA golfer Rickie Fowler. Fowler donned a neon pick sport coat paired with a teal tie and teal trousers. The sport coat seemed to feature drawings of jockeys racing. Although we appreciate the effort here, this suit is much too bright for our liking.

I mean… can we expect anything different from comedy legend Larry David? If you’ve seen a few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm you know that this is David’s go-to look. Although we support it in any other atmosphere, maybe it’s best to spice up the sweater, khakis, and sneakers for a formal event…

There you have it! Our picks for the 2017 Kentucky Derby best and worst dressed. We’re looking forward to what’s to come in upcoming years. To find your perfect Kentucky Derby fascinator, hat, or more get started with Gold Coast Couture today!

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