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11 Adorable Fascinator Hats You’ll Love

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For formal headwear, nothing beats the striking elegance of a fascinator hat.

Fascinator hats combine the best of both worlds: the look and functionality of traditional hats mixed with the decorative style of fascinators. They are attached to the hair by a comb, headband, or clip, and these stunning pieces are often decorated with feathers, flowers, or beads and perched on the side or top of the head.

Traditionally worn at weddings, black tie events, formal parties, and premium horse-racing events like the Kentucky Derby, fascinator hats are sure to be the perfect accessory.

Here are our top picks for adorable women’s fascinator hats that will upgrade any formal look.

1. BESSIE – Navy Blue

The Bessie’s striking navy blue combined with its tall ribbons and curls creates an unforgettable vision. The monochrome color palette is a modern twist on a classic look.

Add the Bessie to any outfit for a hint of charm.


With the Lia Kentucky Derby Hat’s custom wide brim, you’ll be protected from the sun while also making a fashion statement. The Lia’s white sinamay base is paired with a detailed trim in olive green, coral, and hot pink—creating a stunning piece that is sure to turn heads.

Pair the Lia with a matching pink dress or aim for contrast with navy blue or white attire.


The Valentina Cocktail Hat is perfect for any formal event—from a garden party to the Kentucky Derby. With delicate features like netting, beads, and flowers, this fascinator hat is ready to complement your outfit.

For a touch of luxury, shop our beautiful Valentina Cocktail Hat.

4. LADY DIANE – Light Pink

Chic and versatile, the Lady Diane is a light pink fascinator hat that works with any formal outfit. An exquisite choice for anything from a horse race to a wedding, this high-quality fascinator hat is ready to enchant.

Check out the Lady Diane to see its stunning color and style.

5. DESI COCKTAIL HAT – Blues and Silver

Featuring a blue and silver color scheme reminiscent of delicate, vintage antiques, the Desi Cocktail Hat is ideal for weddings, the Kentucky Derby, or any special event.

You can easily pair the Desi with pink, white, silver, or ivory attire—anything that lets this gorgeous headpiece shine.


Carefully crafted in shades of blue, the Tully Cocktail Hat is a vibrant fascinator hat that can be effortlessly paired with silver, hot pink, cream, blue, or prints.

This fascinator hat is adorned with faux, silver-tipped feathers and has an eye-catching selection of blue roses.  Shop the Tully to see how the delicate netting complements the baby blue sinamay.

7. SADIE FASCINATOR HAT – Navy Blue and Ivory

Navy blue and ivory is a classic combination, and for good reason: It’s a showstopper.

The Sadie’s navy blue brim is decorated with a delicate ivory bow to create a deeply elegant look that serves as a modern take on a traditional fascinator. With a comfortable, fabric-covered headband to keep this striking accessory at exactly the right angle, this fascinator hat is perfect for events like the Kentucky Derby.

Accessorize with the Sadie to elevate any formal look.

8. SANDRA DISC HAT – Raspberry Pink

In a bright raspberry pink, the Sandra Disc Hat draws the eye and adds a generous pop of color to any outfit. This fascinator hat is sophisticated and yet understated—perfect for any special event that could use a bit of elegance.

Pair the Sandra with neutrals to really let that vibrant color shine.


The curls and ribbons of our Feather Headpiece combine the expected with the unexpected. While the hat is on the smaller side, the attached fascinator is tall and adds visual interest with gorgeous feathers and delicate loops of fabric.

If the natural color palette doesn’t match your dress of choice, check out our Feather Headpieces in a variety of colors to find the best fascinator hat for your look.

10. BIBIANNA – Navy

The Bibianna is a unique, stunning fascinator hat that serves as a dazzling accessory to any formal outfit. With its eye-catching brim made of netting and long, elegant lines of fabric that draw the eye, you’ll attract an abundance of compliments with the Bibianna.

Shop the Bibianna to elevate your selection of formal headwear accessories.


The feathery, billowy brim of the Lucia Women’s Fascinator makes it a perfect accessory for a black-tie event, horse race, wedding, or formal party. In a striking black, this fascinator hat can enhance any fashion ensemble.

Accessorize with the Lucia to take advantage of its layers of netting, delicate feathers, and versatility.

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