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Inexpensive Derby Hats

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It’s a fashion challenge like no other, rocking a Derby hat without a couture dress. Is it even possible, you ask? Can a lady top off her dressy look with a stunner that seems more like a piece of art than a hat and pair it with something she found on a discount? More importantly, can she buy one for cheap?

A million times yes, and here’s how.

Gold Coast Has Something for Everyone’s Pocket

Extravagant designer fascinators may cost $500 or more, but that still doesn’t mean that stunning Derby toppers cannot be found for cheap. Here at Gold Coast Couture, we boast a wide range of Derby hats for everyone’s pocket. No matter your budget, you can find a high-quality, high-fashion derby hat. All our Derby hats are made from top quality materials and stylized to perfection.

These are our top sellers:


Price: $175.00

Available in black and navy blue, the Kendall makes a brilliant choice for ladies who prefer elegant hats to bold ones. A large rose covers the front, with delicate petals falling down the slanted brim. For a romantic twist, the Niche Collection also offers a two-tone Kendall in light pink and navy blue.


Price: $185.00

Derby hats of all kinds serve to make a statement, and that’s exactly what the Tina hat does. Break the rules for once and trip out this sweeping hot pink or navy-blue Tina bow against a plain white brim. It’s the perfect piece for any special occasion.


Price: $275.00

Though Tina is a true show-stopper, it doesn’t really fall under the category of fascinators. If you want something truly unique and memorable, go with Vanessa. White and black or royal blue, this dramatic, yet inexpensive Derby fascinator comes with a flower and feathers on top of the shell-shaped hat.


Price: $395.00

To shade your eyes from the sun or simply to be the talk of the town, choose the Louisa wide brim embellished with lush tulle. This southern-style stunner is available in solid white, blossom, and blue. Pair it with a colorful number and a matching shoe and it’s the perfect piece for a polo match or a garden party.


Price: $445.00

Who said inexpensive Derby hats must be simple? Take a look at Tia, a bona fide couture fascinator from Nigel Rayment Couture. Tia is classy and quirky at the same time, so much so that you won’t be able to hide away from prying eyes. Its cream hues are overshadowed by a big feather detail.


Price: $495.00

Fiery red with a huge ponceau flower and black details, Priscilla will match your passionate personality like a charm. Depending on what you wear it with, this oversized Derby hat can be an exotic addition to a little black dress or a statement piece to accentuate a white suit. One thing’s for sure, Priscilla is not is subtle.

For more inexpensive Derby hats, check out our fashion-forward Kentucky Derby collection.