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Cocktail Hats for Your Next Party

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If you are looking for a new cocktail hat that you can wear at parties and other similar events, you’ve come to the right place. Cocktail hats are perfect to wear both indoors and outdoors and there’s an endless selection to choose from.

And when you’re a hat fanatic like us, this is not an easy thing to do. Luckily for you, we have prepared a list of some fresh and exciting cocktail hats that will blow you away.

Here are 4 must-have cocktail hats for the upcoming year:

Vixen millinery – Jennifer

If you want to look refined yet elegant and to be the talk of the party while retaining a subtle look, this is the hat you need. The Vixen Millinery Jennifer hat is a gorgeous piece that is very feminine paired with gorgeous floral decorations. This hat is guaranteed to make you feel fabulous no matter the event.

If you like to go to parties or simply enjoy fine millinery, this piece is a must-have. Try it on and it’s sure to inspire the rest of your look.

The Niche Collection – FIFI

If you want to look elegant yet feminine, then this piece is the ideal choice. The pink color matches great with a lot of different elegant styles for any type of party. The Niche Collection FIFI is a very light piece with a swirling decoration. And this piece is extremely affordable so you can look fabulous no matter how big your budget!

Vixen Millinery – Bessie

Vixen has stunned us with yet another piece that is simply elegant, playful, and stylish. Wearing this will ensure that heads will be turned as this hand-crafted piece is an absolute fashion statement. The craftsmanship is remarkable and there are few people in the world that could make something so special.

If you want to surprise everyone with your elegance while looking stunning at the same time, then this is the right cocktail hat choice for you.

Nigel Rayment – Mackenzie

If you plan on throwing a garden party or a BBQ, there is no better fit than this beautiful Nigel Rayment piece. Nigel Rayment is a household name in the millinery industry and we didn’t expect anything less than stunning and luxurious from their new line. The gorgeous netting, flower & feather accents, and simple headband make this the ideal hat for any cocktail party!

Any of these pieces would be a great choice. Just pick the one you like the best. For more cocktail hats, be sure to check out more of our cocktail hat selection.