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Hats to Be Thankful for This Holiday Season

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The holiday season brings joy to everyone’s life. It’s the time of year when families and friends get together to enjoy quality time, share fun stories, and essentially strengthen their bond. It’s a lovely, inspiring time filled with love and merriment, which is precisely why it’s everyone’s favorite time of year.

What are you thankful for this year? Is it all the people around you, who make your life better by simply being there? Is it your new job? Is it perhaps your significant other, who constantly makes you laugh and turns every day into an adventure?

Whatever it is, there’s something else you should be thankful for this holiday season – hats. There are so many mesmerizing winter hats that can brighten your every day and make every outfit truly a show-stopper. Here are the most extraordinary winter hats to be thankful for this holiday season:

The Malia Hat from Vixen Millinery

Who doesn’t love bold red hats? Red, the color of passion, brings life to every cold winter day. And how can you not be thankful for warmth during the cold winter months?

Created by Vixen Millinery, a sister brand of Vivien Sheriff, the Malia hat is a very elegant headpiece that every woman should have. You can sport this chic fascinator hat featuring beautiful sinamay with an interesting lace pattern to a horse race, a polo match, a cocktail party, a wedding, or any other special occasion.

The Pointed Rosette Pillbox Hat from Philip Treacy

What’s a winter outfit without a pillbox hat? This pointed pillbox in slate grey velour is absolutely ideal for any special occasion during the holidays, be it a wedding, a cocktail party, a birthday party or any other elegant social gathering.

It’s a real head-turner, as the black rosette on the top and its ornate lace details make a statement that can’t go unnoticed.

The Lina Hat from Jane Taylor London

From the brand that delivers top-quality craftsmanship time after time comes the grey Lina hat. This gorgeous cocktail hat, with an impressive modern bow detail on the top, truly stands out from many other winter hats.

It’s an absolute essential for the holiday season, and it’s easily attachable with its elastic band. You can match it with almost any elegant outfit and wear it to any special event. Check out some more of our silver collection here.

The Ivory Spencer Hat from Gina Foster Millinery

Now, this is a hat that screams winter. As white as snow, this ivory felt beret with felt trim goes perfectly with numerous winter outfits. Wherever you go, you certainly can’t go wrong with the Spencer hat.

Apart from its beautiful color, its entire design is quite enchanting. You can secure it easily with an elastic hairband, which will be hidden by your hair.

The Shell Hat from Jane Taylor London

Another extraordinary headpiece from Jane Taylor London. This black felt pillbox hat is a true classic that every woman should own. Its stunning opal and feather detail on the side gives it an even more interesting and sophisticated look, and you can match it with almost every holiday outfit.

The Cowen Hat from Rebecca Couture

Let’s bring a bit more color to gloomy winter days, shall we? This royal blue felt topper hat is absolutely spectacular. Enriched with royal blue leaves and black and white polka dot feathers, it’s a fascinator hat that makes a unique statement and has a bit of playfulness about it. It’s a holiday essential that you absolutely must have. Feel even more majestic with the rest of our royal blue collection here.

Have you already fallen in love with some of these marvelous hats for the holiday season? There’s plenty more to be thankful for this holiday season, so be sure to check out our entire winter collection to choose your favorites and exude style everywhere you go.