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Trendy Straw Hats to Complete Your Summer Look

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Straw hats are a timeless summer accessory. They’re light and breathable and protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays, making them a perfect part of any warm-weather outfit. Straw hats are also extremely versatile—you can add a straw hat to easily elevate both casual and formal looks. Perfect for the beach, a garden party, or any outdoor event, straw hats are here to say.

Here are a few of our most popular straw hats for women that you can use to upgrade your summer style.

Small Sun Hat

If you’re looking for a trendy straw hat to wear anywhere from on the beach to by the poolside, look no further than our small sun hat. This straw beach hat comes in both sand and black so you can keep cool and look stylish wearing any summer outfit.

Women’s Large Sun Hat – Multi

The classic sun hat is beloved for its wide brim keeping the sun out of your eyes and off your skin—even on the brightest days of summer. Go beyond the basics with this multi-colored straw hat for a unique twist.

UMBRIA – Natural Straw Hat with Blue Scarf

With the addition of a stunning scarf, the UMBRIA natural straw hat adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor event. You can remove or change the scarf, too, so you can make this gorgeous straw hat complement an outfit in any color.

COURTNEY – Natural with Metallic

Straw fedora hats like the COURTNEY are perfect for your everyday summer style and as part of a more sophisticated look. The metallic band paired with the natural colors of the straw is especially striking and pairs well with jewelry.

BIANCA – Black and Ivory

The BIANCA is a showstopper. One of our most popular straw hats for women, the BIANCA is an ivory straw hat featuring a unique buntal twist and a black overlay. It’s perfect for any special occasion or summer event, from a wedding to a day at the racetrack.

MAGNOLIA – Natural

For an elegant take on the straw hat, look no further than the MAGNOLIA. This sophisticated straw hat is wide-brimmed and upturned with rose and feather details. Wear the MAGNOLIA to any upscale summer event to make luxury look easy.

SUNNY – Ivory with Black Stripe

A wide-brimmed straw beach hat can’t be beat, but it can be improved. Take this twist on the classic large sun hat. The SUNNY’s ivory and black stripe pattern is easy to pair with any bathing suit, dress, or other warm-weather outfit, making it the right choice for an endless combination of summer looks.

Find the Straw Hat of Your Dreams at Gold Coast Couture

Gold Coast Couture has everything you need to find the best straw hats for any occasion. With a long list of designers to choose from and a constantly growing inventory, we offer the latest styles and are ready to help you find a women’s casual hat that’s right for you. Schedule an appointment today to get started.