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Top 10 Church Hats for Fall 2020

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Nothing says elegance like a gorgeous hat that perfectly goes with your outfit. No matter where you are, a hat that’s ideal for the occasion will make you look stylish and elegant.

Are you looking for a beautiful church hat to top off your Sunday outfit? We present you with some of the best from world-renowned designers.

The Henrietta Hat

This wide-brimmed hat by J. Bees Millinery is very modern and sophisticated. The feather-like embellishment on the trim gives it an exciting and chic feel. Thanks to the silver-lurex sinamay, it can go well with anything.

The Bambie Hat

If you’re more interested in a fascinator hat with a pop of color, this headpiece by The Niche Collection might be just what you need. You will stand out like the lady you are with this hot-pink beauty enriched with fun feather details.

The Kindra Hat

Vixen Millinery brings a beautiful, very gentle hat that’s ideal for the church. You can combine this soft-gold sinamay fascinator with a Sunday dress of any color and look absolutely marvelous.

The Joy Hat

This beauty by Whiteley Hats is a classic that you can wear literally anywhere. If you’re going for a soft and feminine look, this light-blue sinamay topped with an ivory trim and bow is your best bet.

The Lady Diane Hat

Another extraordinary design by Vixen Millinery, this powder-blue sinamay fascinator is a head-turner that will make you look very chic. The flowers and feathers on the brim couldn’t be more elegant.

The Script Crown Hat

Designed by Philip Treacy, this ivory-and-black hat is a timeless classic that you can’t go wrong with, no matter where you decide to wear it. Paper panama and satin bands will never go out of fashion.

The South Pacific Hat

Both vintage and modern, this ivory window-sinamay hat by Vivien Sheriff is a very fun headpiece that brings a wonderful lightness to any outfit. The coral, yellow, and pink ombré-lace embellishments that go through the woven brim are astonishing.

The Kendall Hat

This navy-blue beauty by The Niche Collection is an exquisite choice for your church outfit. Pair it with any fall dress, and you’ll exude style and sophistication.

The Zara Hat

Designed for women who know what they want, this large-brimmed charmer by Nigel Rayment is spectacular. The feather detail on the band is subtle, yet very striking, but the black-and-white stripes will turn heads everywhere you go.

The Camden Pillbox Hat

Yet another delightful design by Nigel Rayment, this white pillbox hat, with beautiful netting and faux pearls, is a unique fascinator that you simply have to have in your collection. Wear it to church or anywhere else, and people will shower you with compliments.

Have you found your favorite Sunday hat for fall yet? Browse our entire church hat collection anytime – you’ll undoubtedly find a stunning hat that perfectly matches your unique style!