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5 Essential Summer Hats for Women

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If you’re wondering where to buy summer hats, you’ve come to the right place. Gold Coast Couture offers some of the most stunning summer hats for women from top designers, and you’re certain to find something for your unique style.

Here are some of the must-have essential hats you should wear this summer:

The Ladies Trilby Hat from Jane Taylor London

This beautiful mini trilby hat in ivory and multi detail is an absolute must-have for this summer. It’s a classic headpiece that you can match with almost anything you wear during the hot summer days.

Jane Taylor London is known for bespoke avant-garde designs, and this hat is one of her timeless creations that you can wear for many years to come.

The Mini Trilby Hat from Philip Treacy

This is another classic summer hat that you wouldn’t want to miss this summer. Coming from the vast collection of an award-winning Irish haute couture milliner, the Mini Trilby hat is a staple that’s a real head-turner.

The fine sewn braid with natural and black stripes will go with almost any outfit you choose, and the unique unicorn pin on the side will perfectly complement your stunning look.

The Eileen Sun Hat from Nigel Rayment

This exclusive hat from the internationally famous Nigel Rayment will give you an extra splash of glamour this summer.

The light gold sinamay complemented with lace appliques and satin bow detail will go perfectly with formal attire for weddings, garden parties, a day at the racetrack, or any other elegant occasion.

The Moss Hat from Jane Taylor London

Another fabulous creation from Jane Taylor London’s selection of women’s summer hats, the Moss is a headpiece that will give you a pure sense of natural beauty.

Ideal for polo matches, casual walks around town, or a day at the beach, this pedal-straw large-brim hat with a long elegant black hat band is an absolute must-have for your summer hat collection.

The Small Sun Hat from Philip Treacy

From the unique collection of Philip Treacy comes another summer hat that rarely anyone can resist. The Small Sun Hat in fine sewn braid and a signature unicorn pin is an exclusive women’s summer hat that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Its sand color makes it ideal for the beach, but also for casual street walks. If you have a discerning taste, this is a sophisticated hat that you definitely can’t miss.

No matter which of these summer hats you choose to wear, you can be sure that you’ll look absolutely gorgeous this summer. But don’t stop here, because there’s more of where these women’s summer hats came from.

Gold Coast Couture has much more to offer, so be sure to check out our selection of  summer hats for women today!