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Where to Buy Kentucky Horse Race Hats

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The Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest events for hats, fascinators, and head pieces that there ever was. As such, finding the right hat for the occasion is a must. There are a few very specific places where you can find one of a kind, custom made, and superbly stunning pieces that are going to leave everyone in awe.


For those that are lucky enough to live in towns and cities that have a thriving commercial industry or a great main street, you can find shops and boutiques that have great hats. These boutiques will often roll out special hats when the time comes and let you see just what they can do. Boutiques are a wonderful place to find one of a kind Kentucky Derby hats that are not going to be in large chain stores and that are not going to be cookie cutter. Most boutique shops make their own Derby hats and make their own pieces that are unique, individual, and perfect for any special event. Boutiques are also a great way to support your local shops and to help others live out their dreams. Boutiques can also be a great place to put in custom orders that are going to totally you and completely unique.

Hat Shops

Hat shops that have actual store fronts are becoming more and more scarce but there are still a few out there. The key is being able to find them and being able to put in your order so that you get a great hat in time for the big event. Many hat shops are going to have tons of custom and more demure options, such as designer hats for weddings. Most hat shops are going to carry a wide range of hats that are wearable even after the ponies have run and they will also likely carry lovely hats that are made specifically for the occasion, generally on site. Hat shops are a great way to find one of a kind art that cannot be purchased from a catalogue or from another store. The problem with hat shops is that there are not all that many and most towns are not going to have a hat shop where you can go see a physical store.

Online Hat Stores

The last option, which is by far the easiest way to get the most variety, is to visit an online hat shop like Gold Coast Couture. This is a shop that is going to offer a wide range of options that you may not be able to get at a physical store. This is also going to give you access to a wider range of options than you would have if you went to a hat shop in person. Because online retailers do not have to pay for a storefront, they are going to have a much wider selection and are going to offer a wider range of styles as well. Online hat shops also have hats that can be worn every day or that are more specific for those events like the Kentucky Derby. You can find a wide range of styles, materials, colors, embellishments, sizes, shapes, and so much more to create the perfect Derby hat that is going to stand out above all others, like a pink 1875 Millinery courture hat.

When all else fails you may want to try your hand at making your own Derby hat but if that is not an option, these are certainly great alternatives that can get you the hat you want easily and quickly. Derby only comes around once a year, make sure you have the perfect hat.