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What to Wear to the 2017 Kentucky Derby: Hats and Fascinators

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The Kentucky Derby is just around the corner and if you do not have your Kentucky Derby hat yet, the time to shop is now. There are tons of great new styles out there and finding the right one is key to looking great at this year’s Derby Party. Here are five styles that are to die for this Derby season.


1. Bright Colors

Being loud and flashy is a must at any Derby party and a hat that has bright colors either in the hat itself or in the details is a must. These brightly colored hats can either match your outfit or stand alone and are perfect for getting all the attention at your next party. Bright reds, blues, and pinks are all a must this season as are yellows and the traditional white. You can get just about any style hat in some stunning colors.

2. Wide Brims

Wide brims, such as wide brim church hats, have always been a staple of any Derby hat or party and this year is no different. No matter what hat you choose, the wider the brim the better. The Derby is held in the early weeks of spring when the sun is high and the wider the brim the more fashionable and the more comfortable you are going to be in the spring sunshine. Wide brims with bows and ribbon detail are a super trendy choice and look great in a wide range of colors and materials. Try pairing a wide brim white hat with a stunning, brightly colored ribbon. This is going to give you a great style and a great overall look.


3. Out of the Ordinary Details

For those that love hats and love being the center of attention, try picking out a hat that has details that are out of the ordinary. Details like feathers, ribbons, flowers, and more are always a great option. These details can make your hat look great and can give you a unique look without being too ordinary. You always want a hat that stands out from the rest of the pack and unique details like feathers, architectural details, flowers and more are a great choice.


4. Multiple Colors

Another great trend for Derby hats this year are hats that feature more than one color. A pink hat with white feathers and bows, a navy hat with teal accents, the possibilities are endless. This is a great trend that allows you to be totally free when it comes to your fascinator and your overall style. This is also an understated way to add color if you are not comfortable with something like a large red hat or a large yellow hat. Wearing hats with tons of great colors is a great way to make a splash and really let people know you have arrived.


5. Unique Structure

Think Derby hats have to be wide brimmed sun hats? Think again. Hats that are smaller in style but unique in structure are also great as derby hats. Saucers, berets, pill box, you name it. These fun structural hats are a great way to make a statement and perhaps wear a hat that is a bit more manageable as far as size goes for your Derby Party. These hats are also super fun and give you the chance to wear something out of the ordinary that you might not wear every day or that you might not wear to something like a garden party.

Gold Coast Couture is a great option when it comes to finding tons of great styles and varieties. These hats are perfect for any occasion but especially for the Kentucky Derby.