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What are Some of the Different Clutch Style Purses to Own for Any Occasion?

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Clutch purses are among the most popular alternatives to regular-sized purses, with plenty of styles available to match any personality. They’re excellent for special occasions or a simple night out on the town.

Here are some of the different styles that are ideal depending on your preferences.

Small Black Clutches

A little black clutch purse is a great option for any type of event or evening out, and it’s compatible with nearly any dress. Black is the perfect color if you only want to buy a single clutch bag because of its versatility, with classic appeal. Options such as the Philip Treacy black clutch can work with all kinds of evening wear at black tie events and more.

Glitzy and Glamorous Clutch Bags

For something more suited for a gala or other special occasion where you want to stand out, sparkly clutch bags can match the mood. These may feature anything from glitter to sequins on the bag and clasp, with plenty of vibrant color options. It’s ideal to choose a glossy clutch purse that matches their outfit. You can accessorize with options like the Philip Treacy small pink box clutch, which features an embellished crystal push-button closure.

Rectangle Clutches

Body type is another aspect to consider when selecting clutch bags, and rectangular box clutches are more ideal for shorter women, with straight lines and hard angles. However, keep in mind that these purses don’t typically come with a string because of their intended use as a hand purse.

Round Clutches

Rectangular clutches may be more compatible with shorter women, but the round clutch is best suited for tall women. Round clutch purses feature softer angles that complement taller women, adding elegance. The designs of these purses can vary greatly, with plenty of styles to give you the look you want.

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