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What Are Fascinator Hats?

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So you’ve found the perfect outfit, now what? Accessories can take any outfit and make it far more beautiful, interesting, and awe inspiring and a fascinator is just what you need. So what is a fascinator hat? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Fascinator?

A fascinator is far more than just a simple hat. A  fascinator is a hat that is going to be more interesting, more beautiful, and more eye catching than your typical hat. Fascinators are interesting and pretty and are often made of unique and interesting materials and are interesting in design and overall look. A fascinator is a gorgeous addition to any outfit and can make any outfit look far more beautiful than ever before.

What Are Fascinators Made of?

A fascinator is going to be made of materials that are not typical to hats. They are made of silk, wool, taffeta, mesh, and so much more. Fascinators are going to be made of mixed materials as well. You might have a silk base with taffeta and other additional extras that are beautiful and unique. Mixed materials are great for making fascinators that are going to be unique and interesting.

Styles of Fascinators

There are tons of different styles of fascinators from tea hat that are great for an afternoon tea in the garden to truly avante garde designs that are unique and one of a kind. The style of fascinator is going to be vary depending on what you want and what you are wearing the fascinator for. From small fascinators that are great for going out and for a truly unique look that is still wearable, to fascinators like a hot pink Kentucky derby hat that are large and eye catching for the Kentucky Derby. There are dozens upon dozens of different styles of fascinator.

There are so many styles in fact that you can find a fascinator for just about any possible event that you might be going to. One popular style are bridal fascinator hats. These are going to be specially made fascinators in the colors of the wedding, in the style of a bridal party, or with the flowers of the bride’s selection. This is a wonderful way to make a great statement at your wedding without being too over the top. Bridal fascinators often feature things like beautiful veils and flowers that make you think beautiful bride.

You can also find fascinators, like derby fascinators, that are made especially for tea time and afternoon parties. These are going to be smaller in size and are generally a bit more delicate.

These delicate hats are perfect for making a quiet and subdued statement. These are great for those that want to make a statement but that might not want something that is going to be super out there. Tea hat are a great way to get a look at a fascinator and really want to have a great hat. There are hundreds of other styles out there that are great for just about any event.

Unique Fascinators

There are also styles that are super unique and that are not going to be part of any other style. These are those fascinators that are structurally different.

They might add different materials, different structural components, and other extras that make a hat totally unique. These are going to be stunning and are going to be perfect for making a statement and going to any different event that you might want to go to.

No matter what type of fascinator you are looking for,  Gold Coast Couture has a huge selection of hats that are perfect for just about any event and any possible outing.