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Wedding Hat Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

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Choosing the right hat for a wedding can be challenging, but there are some basic rules of wedding hat etiquette you should follow to make sure you look marvelous. With summer wedding season in full spring, it’s time you brush up on the basics.

Here are the top rules of hat etiquette for summer weddings:

Respect Traditions

If you want to embellish your hat with accessories, such as feathers or flowers, make sure to keep tradition in mind. Traditionally, women will add details and accessorize the right-hand side of a hat, and men decorate the left. Be mindful of this when decorating hatbands, bridal headpieces, and more.

Complement Your Style

Whatever you choose to wear at a wedding, make sure your hat perfectly complements your style. Apart from matching it with your outfit, you should match it with your height and body shape.

If you’re tall, stay away from tall hats. Instead, choose a wide-brim hat that will create the perfect balance. If you’re on the shorter side, go for a smaller hat. You don’t want your hat to end up wearing you.

Speaking of style, you need to know how to wear a wedding hat with short hair. The best hats for short hair are often  fascinators that attach to the hair with a hair band. However, wide-brim hats can also look fabulous with short hair. The key is not to go too big with those.

Fedoras are also great, especially for summer weddings, but they don’t perfectly match every style. For instance, straw fedoras don’t really go well with formal attire, so you might want to get a  felt one, for example.

Less Is Sometimes More

If you want to wear a large hat at a summer wedding, leave it for the time of day when the sun shines the brightest. There’s really no need to wear it in the morning or evening, is there? Not following this rule will only make your entire outfit seem a bit exaggerated.

Also, if you’re the mother of the groom, choose a smaller creation than the bride’s mother. This is a general rule of thumb not only for weddings but also for all the other occasions. It stems from the fact that no one attending an event should outshine their hosts.

Be Mindful of Wearing a Hat Indoors

If you’re a woman, you can wear your hat indoors the entire wedding. No one will expect you to remove it when going indoors, not even in the church. This is simply because your hat is a part of your entire outfit.

On the other hand, men are expected to remove their hats when going indoors, especially in the church. Even when taking photos at the reception venue, gentlemen should take their hats off.

Wedding hat etiquette rules are very simple, so make sure you follow them. They’ll help you look absolutely fabulous at every single wedding, no matter what you choose to wear.

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