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Wearing Formal Hats for Weddings for a Unique Look

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue—that’s the old adage about getting dressed for your wedding, right? What if your something new was the latest in headpieces and hair accessories? Lately, formal hats are becoming more and more popular for brides and wedding guests alike, and for good reason. After the Royal Wedding, more and more styles hit boutique shelves, and since there’s a style out there for virtually anyone—from demure and classic to bold and trendy—it can be very easy to incorporate a formal hat for your wedding outfit.

What to Know About Wearing Formal Hats for Weddings

If you’re the bride, this paragraph really won’t apply to you—after all, it’s your day, right? You’re given a pass to wear just about whatever you desire. If you want the spotlight on you, you should let guests know about dress code (including formal hats!) ahead of time.

As for guests who choose to wear formal hats for weddings, there are a few things you need to be aware of. First, if you know the bride is wearing a formal hat, it’s best to choose one yourself that is smaller than hers. Also, be sure to choose an appropriately sized formal hat. Make sure your head and shoulders are visible for pictures. Fascinators, for instance, are a great choice of formal hats for weddings, because they can be dramatic without being overwhelming.

Remember that bigger isn’t always better—large brims in the morning or evening can be considered extravagant and even vulgar (depending on the company you keep), as the sun isn’t usually out during those hours. Choose a formal hat or fascinator that’s proportionate.

How to Choose the Right Formal Hats for Weddings

When you’re picking out  formal hats for weddings, either as a bride or as a guest, it can be difficult to choose one. One way to easily narrow your selection down is to remember that your hat should be a cohesive part of your ensemble. It should coordinate well with the rest of your outfit, rather than upstage or clash.

Choose one in a color or style that you’re comfortable wearing, and be sure that it matches with your outfit, makeup, and hairstyle. Certain fascinators and designer wedding hats look good on certain face shapes, too, so be sure to work with your milliner or boutique owner so that they can help you find one that’s stunning.

If you have a round face, for instance, try and find formal hats for weddings that elongate the face. Those who have oblong faces should add balance by choosing a hat that can hide the forehead. Square-faced wedding goers should try on hats that soften the jawline, and finally, heart shaped faces should be sure not to choose fascinators that are too small.

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