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Turn Heads with Designer Fascinators and Hats

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If you're head over heels in love with the flamboyant fascinators that are favored by Duchess Kate and other trendy royals, you might be wishing for an occasion to accessorize your outfit with such a head topper. They are popular for public functions from morning weddings to late afternoon cocktails, and are making appearances at more and more evening events stateside as well as abroad. Fascinators and fascinator hats are statement accessories that add the perfect finishing touch to your apparel, creating just the aura that suits you and any special social occasion.

A fascinator is an expression of your personal style and you'll create a kind of magic when you step out in public with one of these customized fashion accessories. Make a lasting impression and assure your position as a style leader! 

Totally Individual Looks

Designer fascinators are fanciful and frivolous, as appealing as those tiny side of the head creations that prompt so much comment when sported by newborns. As a trendy adult, though, your fascinator can be daring or demure, sassy or sophisticated, and still be elegantly appropriate with pearls and diamonds. Fascinators and fascinator hats always crown your ensemble with unique and individual flair, whether they're small, delicate floral creations or extravagantly "over the top" with wide, soaring brims. Most fascinators are limited edition items, and some are one of a kind.

When you're shopping for that wedding or a cocktail soiree, keep in mind the statement you want to make. Choose a soft floral creation in soft tulle, something that won't overpower your clothing or upstage the bride, for a chic wedding. Be ever so adventurous with a design in black feathers for a formal evening event.

Collections by Noted Designers

The Niche Collection by Kirk Rayment includes beautiful fascinators and hats at reasonable prices.

For a charity luncheon, an evening cocktail party or a night at the opera, dare to be as dramatic as your personality and your clothing, or as cultured and refined as a string of pearls. Jane Taylor excels at designs with such varied appeal, and releases three eagerly-anticipated millinery collections each season. 

If you need a fascinator to accentuate a sleek bun or close-to-the head French twist, or a larger fascinator hat to complement flowing tresses, you will find great variety in the collections of Gina Foster Millinery, Nigel Raiment, Herald & Heart, Vivien Sheriff and her sister line of Vixen Millinery, Rebecca Couture and Beth Morgan. Philip Treacy offers some of the best known and most-loved hats in the fashion world, in addition to a line of handbags and clutches.

Personalize Your Choice

Gold Coast Couture is pleased to offer selections from all of these designers. Browse our collections at leisure from the comfort of your own home, but resolve to step out of your comfort zone with the perfect fascinator or fascinator hat! Select a style and design to complement your face, makeup and ensemble; you'll be sure to turn heads at your next event.

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