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Trend Alert: Cocktail Hats and Fascinators

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If you’re the one in your social circle who’s always trying out new trends and flashy looks, you’re not going to want to pass up what’s currently making waves: cocktail hats and fascinators. Cocktail hats and fascinators are giving women of all ages a new way to accessorize. They’re an alternative to traditional large-brimmed hats, and they’re intended to be evening wear. They’re extravagant without being over the top (usually), and they’re available in a range of different styles so you can choose one that’s as elaborate or eye-catching as you want!

Where to Wear Cocktail Hats and Fascinators

Cocktail hats and fascinators can be worn to virtually any formal event or party. They are very popular at weddings, as a replacement for full-length veils for the brides or as an accessory for the wedding party and guests. They’re also popular at events like the Kentucky Derby, where looking stylish and on-trend is very important. They’re typically worn attached to the side of the head, though there’s been a trend as of late to wear them on the front of the head. This, however, should be left to seasoned hat-wearers, as it can be a bit more difficult to pull off, style-wise.

Where to Find Them and Who Makes Them

With their growth in popularity, ladies cocktail hats and fascinators are popping up all over the place. A quality formal hat such as these should be purchased from a brand, boutique, or designer that specializes in cocktail hats and fascinators, as the dedication to the look will show—fascinators and cocktail hats are often labors of love, since they’re made with beads, jewels, feathers, and other elaborate adornments. There are a number of popular milliners (read: women’s’ hat makers!) that create cocktail hats and fascinators that are true works of art, including:

  • Vixen Millinery
  • Beth Morgan
  • The Niche Collection
  • Vivien Sheriff
  • Rebecca Couture
  • Philip Tracey
  • Herald & Heart
  • Gina Foster Millinery
  • Rachel Trevor-Morgan Millinery
  • Jane Taylor London
  • Nigel Rayment

How to Choose the Right Cocktail Hats and Fascinators for Your Style

Your cocktail hats and fascinators should always match your outfit rather than compete or clash with it. Choose one that looks great with your face shape, and don’t feel beholden to a certain set of colors just because that’s traditionally what people wear (i.e. pastels for light skin tones, jewel tones for darker skin tones). Cocktail hats and fascinators are especially interesting because they allow women to step outside of their comfort zones when it comes to fashion. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect look for your event, feel free to contact Gold Coast Couture—we’d be happy to help you find the best accessories for the look you want.

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