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Top Three Popular Women’s Church Hats

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Popular church hats for women

Making a statement is always fun when it comes to getting dressed, and when it comes to women’s church hats , there are a lot of ways to add glamour and style to your look with one.

Women’s church hats are generally thought of as being wide-brimmed hats that have large adornments and embellishments. However, they are available in many different styles. For instance, chic styles such as cloche hats as well as smaller headpieces like fascinators are also popular choices for church hats.

Wide-Brimmed Women’s Church Hats

Women's wide brim hats

Women's wide brim hats | Gold Coast Couture

Wide-brimmed hats make a big statement. They’re meant to be seen, and when you had one to your outfit, you’ll certainly stand out. Wide-brimmed hats allow you to kick up your Sunday best another notch, and are available in a wide range of styles and colors. One common feature of them is having a large bow or adornment on one side of the hat. One of the sides of the brim is usually tilted upwards, as well, so the large embellishment helps give the look more balance. Whether you’re looking for a modern looking wide brim church hat or want something with a bit more classic styling, you’ll find what you’ve been searching for at Gold Coast Couture.

Cloche Hats

Women's cloche hats

Women's cloche hats | Gold Coast Couture

Cloche hats are close-fitting, bell shaped hats that were invented in 1908 by the milliner Caroline Reboux. They were most popular from 1922 to 1933, but are still a prominent design for women to wear for church and other occasions. They are typically made of felt so that they can conform to the wearer’s head, and the brim can either be turned down or folded up. Oftentimes, large ribbons or bows are affixed to the hats. Though it’s unlikely that the bows have meaning in today’s society, during the height of the cloche’s popularity, arrow-like ribbons indicated a woman was unmarried but dating someone, while a firm knot indicated the wearer was married and a flamboyant bow meant they were single and ready to mingle.

These hats are available in many different colors and materials these days, and are still popular due to their stylish and unique look.

Fascinators and Fascinator Hats 

Women's fascinators for church

Women's fascinators for church | Gold Coast Couture

Another popular type of women’s church hats are fascinators, sometimes referred to as fascinator hats . Fascinators are a type of headpiece that came to popularity as an alternative to the hat. Lighter-weight and largely decorative, fascinators let women add an eye-catching accessory to their outfits, and they are typically worn at any occasion that would call for wearing a hat. As such, they have become popular choices for women’s church hats, and are available from many different milliners in an array of different styles.

Women's fascinators for church | Gold Coast Couture

Fascinators became more popular after the Royal Wedding in 2011, when many attendees wore them. Since then, they’ve only grown in popularity. They are offered with different types of embellishments, including feathers, bows, flowers, and more, and if you’re looking to add a fascinator to your collection of women’s church hats, you’ll love the selection available at Gold Coast Couture.

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