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6 Best Beach Hats for Your Winter Vacation

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Going to the beach in the middle of the winter can be refreshing. It helps you soak up the sun, get a healthy dose of vitamin D, and achieve a glowing tan.

But, too much sun isn’t all that great for your skin, and you need adequate protection. So, take a look at the best beach hats that’ll protect you from the harmful effects of the sun and give you a wow factor at the beach.

1.MIRABEL – Ochre Yellow

Mirabel hat by Eugenia Kim is bright and gorgeous. The tightly woven golden straw will provide you with ample shade, and the yellow bow will make you look stunning! Wear it with your favorite swimsuit and silk sarong, and you’ll look absolutely radiant.

2.VERUSCHKA – Ivory and Black

Eugenia Kim’s beach hat line is flawless, and you cannot go wrong with any of the hats from it. But if there’s one hat that stands above all others, it’s the Veruschka. This beauty has a wide brim that’ll protect your face and shoulders and help you keep others at the appropriate social distance.

Combine it with an elegant one-piece swimsuit, and you’ll be at the center of attention at the beach.

3.PANAMA HAT – Natural With Blue Silk Scarf

If you’re looking for a hat that’s not as imposing as the Veruschka but still quite eye-catching, the Panama Hat by Vivien Sheriff is what you need. This beautiful casual beach hat comes with a blue silk scarf that gives it an elegant appeal. It’s modern and stylish, perfect for a day at the beach.


The Juliette is an elegant beach hat that’s soft, feminine, and simply perfect. It will look as mesmerizing at a wedding as it would at a beach. It exudes style and taste. With this hat and a martini in your hand, every day at the beach will be extraordinary.


If you’re going for a classic, Instagrammable look at the beach, you need the Small Sun Hat by Philip Treacy. It’s marvelous in its simplicity and can be combined with any swimsuit, beach dress, or wrap. The signature unicorn pin is a delicate, attention-grabbing detail that’s just the perfect hat accessory.

6.TUSCANY – Natural With Green Print Scarf

Another hat by Vivien Sheriff, the Tuscany, will take your breath away. Whether you’re wearing jean shorts, a small black dress, or just a swimsuit, this hat will match perfectly. The green leopard print silk scarf adds boldness and color and will complete your beach look.

Grab Your Perfect Beach Hat

Whether it’s the elegant Veruschka or the casual Tuscany, there’s a perfect beach hat just for you. Complete your beach ensemble with a gorgeous hat, and improve your entire vacation with a stunning look.