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10 Best Fascinators and Hats for Easter 2017

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Easter is just around the corner and it is now time to find that perfect hat for any garden party and ladies Easter hats for your Easter festivities. With Easter being in April this year, the spring season is going to be upon us. Here are ten fascinator styles that are perfect for your Easter party.

  1. Sun Hats
    Easter is a mainly outdoor event and as such a sun hat or wide brimmed fascinator is a great option. These hats are larger than a pill box or tea hat and pack a punch when it comes to making a statement. Wide brimmed fascinators are great in pastel colors or in soft pinks with bow and flower details that help make this larger hat seem as dainty as a flower.
  2. Pill Box Hats
    This is a style that is never going to go out of fashion. The pill box is an understated, small, and delicate fascinator of which the devil is in the details. Pill box hats are great when they come with great details like ribbons, flowers, and lace.
  3. Veils

    Another great fascinator for Easter are those smaller construction hats that feature veils. Veils are a great way to add detail and interest to a hat without it being too over the top and all while keeping it very wearable. This type of hat is one that can be used for other events, like wearing a ladies church hat for church, as wall not limited to Easter celebrations.

  4. Beret Style

This is another small, and often understated, look that is perfect for Easter. You can add things like bows and architectural details that make this simple style stunning and perfect for any special occasion. Berets are a great way to add color to your outfit as well.

5. Bright Colors

Another great fascinator style to consider are those hats that are brightly colored. Bright pastels, pinks, lavenders and more are all perfect for Easter and can pair beautifully with your Easter dresses to add a bit of flare that your outfit might be missing.

6. Flower Details

Still another style that is perfect for Easter are those fascinators that have flowers on them. This is a detail that makes this kind of hat decidedly festive and Spring like which is necessary for a hat that is going to be worn at an Easter party or event.

7. Architectural Hats

This is another great option for those that want something that is going to be interesting and fun. Architectural details like elaborate bows, interesting shapes, and great lines are all perfect for Easter and for this spring season.

8. Feathers

Feathers are a great addition to any Easter hat and can add great color and style to eve the simplest of hat styles. This is a great addition to any bow or flower detail as well as it helps to make the hat even more interesting and fun.

9. Structure

Structured hats are also great for Easter and for any occasion. Structured hats give class and style to any outfit and help them look instantly more put together and classy. A structured hat is going to be great for all occasions and can be used for other events once Easter passes.

10. Small, Interesting, Unique
As with any occasion, showing off your personal style is a must. Try picking out hats that are small, unique, and one of a kind so that you are the talk of the party even after you have left.

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