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The Top 5 Things to Look for in a Kentucky Derby Hat

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If you’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby or worn a gorgeous, fancy hat before then you might be feeling a little out of your depth when planning your look for the best horse race of the year.

But you’re in luck because we’re total experts on fancy Kentucky Derby hats and horse races. So that means it’s our sacred duty to make sure that you choose the best possible look for the 2018 Kentucky Derby.

And as you’ve probably learned by now, it all starts with the perfect hat…

1. Shady Lady

One of the main reasons that you see so many beautiful, wide-brimmed hats at the Derby is because the Kentucky sun in May can be quite powerful, and carrying around your own shade is pretty useful. Plus, it protects your delicate facial skin from overexposure to harmful UV rays. As you choose your wide-brimmed Kentucky Derby hat, you also may want to think about how it will look with the sunglasses you plan on wearing.

2. Comfort Counts

We accept that you sometimes must endure a little discomfort in the name of style. But the fact is that the Kentucky Derby is an outdoor, all-day affair, and it will be a lot less fun if you’re super uncomfortable in a hat that’s too tight or constantly slipping off or requires frequent adjustment. With every hat that you consider or try on, ask yourself, “Will I be happy wearing this for 5 or more hours in the heat?” If the answer is, “No,” then consider looking for a more comfortable Kentucky Derby hat that will you can easily wear for a long period.

3. Stand Out

The whole point of wearing a fabulous Kentucky Derby hat is to stand out from the crowd. Even if you’re someone who has a classic and conservative style, consider Derby day to be the one time of the year to step out of your comfort zone in a wild and wonderful hat. Full disclosure: We go every year and the amount of fun we have is almost always directly related to how unique and bold our hats are, so we urge you to take a chance!

4. The Bigger the Better

Nowhere is the phrase “Go big or go home” more appropriate than at the Kentucky Derby. Hats for this special event are truly about making an impression and getting noticed, so size does matter. Smaller hats can be stylish and totally appropriate as well, but we’re partial to big Kentucky Derby hats that really make a statement. Plus they’re best at providing shade, so you can’t go wrong.

5. Suit Yourself

At the end of the day, a hat is a very personal style choice so be sure to choose shapes and colors that best suit you. Though a hat might be stunning on one person, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. For this reason, we recommend trying hats in person to decide. You can check out our beautiful collection by making an appointment to visit our Michigan Avenue showroom. But if you’re not able to shop in person, then get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.

Picking out a 2018 Kentucky Derby hat is so much fun! Please enjoy browsing our collection and narrowing down your choices. We love helping people choose the right fancy hat, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about any of our hats or just need help finding the ones that work best for your face shape and style. Happy Derby!

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