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The Many Hat Designs of Philip Treacy

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Over the past 20 years, Philip Treacy has made a name for himself as one of the most popular hat designers, with many unique creations under his belt. Celebrities such as Madonna and Lady Gaga along with British royalty including the Duchess of Cornwall have drawn attention to his designs.

Philip Treacy remains one of the most iconic hat designers in the fashion industry, and has also designed hats that the general public can purchase to stand out at any special occasion.

What Influenced Philip Treacy

Philip Treacy has spoken about how arthas influenced his hat designs.

In a 2011 interview with The Guardian, Treacy stated, "I like futurism but I also love exquisite, beautiful things . . . I love Damien Hirst. I love Andy Warhol."

As a result of these influences, Philip Treacy hat designs have included painted hats and many other original artistic designs, including the late model Isabella Blow's beloved pheasant hat. His unique designs have garnered the attention of many celebrities over the years, including Elizabeth Taylor, who requested a hatpin from him, and Kate Moss, who wore one of his hats at her wedding.

How Does Philip Treacy Make Hats?

Philip Treacy always designs his hats with the wearer in mind, giving them personalities that help keep them from simply being ordinary hats.

His process begins with a drawing, followed by a 3D mock-up in the material. He then sends the hat shape to a block maker located in Paris who carves it in wood, which serves as the base for the construction of the hat itself. Everything is handmade as couture manufacturing. This keeps the hat-making process human as opposed to machine-manufactured and stamped out.

Ultimately, Treacy views hat-making as a form of art, and practices it with delicacy and personality. His hats are designed to enhance and complement the wearer, rather than serve as the central focus of attention. Wearing a Philip Treacy hat, wearers don't feel like the hat is where everyone is looking, as the design is intended to be anything but a distraction. This makes Philip Treacy an ideal hat designer for products available at Gold Coast Couture.

Where to Buy Philip Treacy Hats

At Gold Coast Couture, we carry many elegant and stylish Philip Treacy hat designs. Our selection includes small oval black and ivory, structured wave, sweeping dome, sweeping sidebrim, and upturn hats, along with various fascinators to complement nearly any look. We also carry many pillbox hats, headpiece designs, and more; you'll be able to find the look you want when you browse our collection.

You can wear Philip Treacy hats at any type of special event, from weddings to the Kentucky Derby, with styles that help the wearer stand out with a recognizable brand.

Want a clutch purse to supplement your wardrobe? In addition to Philip Treacy hats, we also offer a wide array of beautiful clutch purse designs in a range of sizes to help you further stand out among the crowd. You'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for when you shop at Gold Coast Couture.

Whether you're looking for a colorful wide brim hat or a unique flower headdress, you'll get a Philip Treacy hat that matches your look. You can even mix and match Philip Treacy hats and clutches with products from the other brands we carry, including Nigel Rayment, Jane Taylor London, Vixen Millinery, and Gina Foster Millinery, among others. Regardless of your taste, we only offer the best designs available for any event.

For Philip Treacy hats or other elegant designs, shop at Gold Coast Couture today.

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