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What Hats and Fascinators to Wear to the 2018 Kentucky Derby

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While it will be some time before the Kentucky Derby returns for 2018, it’s never too early to prepare ahead of time by selecting the perfect Kentucky Derby hat. There are plenty of styles to choose from if you want to look great. Here are some ideas to help you determine which style is right for you.

Wide Brims

Many wide brim hat styles are ideal for the Kentucky Derby, and 2018 will continue that trend. Regardless of the specific type of hat you choose, wide brims are great to have. The Derby takes place in early spring when the sun is at its highest, which makes wide brim hats both stylish and comfortable options during this time of year. You can always enhance them with ribbons and bows that complement many colors and materials.

Bright Colors

Flashiness is always welcome at Derby parties and a hat with vibrant colors on the details or the hat itself is an excellent choice. Brightly colored hats can match the rest of your outfit or function on their own as standalone attention-grabbing pieces. Bright blues, reds, and pinks are ideal colors for this season along with white and shades of yellow.

Multiple Colors

Using multi-colored hats and fascinators is also popular at the Derby. You can wear everything from a navy hat featuring teal details to pink hats with white accents to give you a unique look. Multiple colors are also ideal as an understated way of adding color to your wardrobe if you don’t want to wear large bright hats of a single color such as red or yellow. You’ll be able to stand out without being too flashy with multiple colors in your hats.

Unique Structure

You don’t have to limit yourself to wide-brimmed sun hats when dressing for the Derby. Hats can be small in size but stand out for their structure. These hats can include berets, saucers, and pillbox hats, among many other original designs. They can make a statement while maintaining manageability at Derby parties. They’re also fun to wear and can serve as something that’s favorable for those special occasions where unique hats are good options.

Unusual Details

If you want to attract even more attention at your event, consider using out-of-the-ordinary details such as ribbons, flowers, feathers, and more. Your outfit won’t look anywhere near plain with attractive details that help your hat stand out from others.

With so many choices available, you’ll be able to find exactly what to wear at the Kentucky Derby in 2018 without that last-minute rush. We have Kentucky Derby hats for women, so take the time to find the best style that matches your personality, and you’ll be prepared for the big day.