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Fascinator Hats for Tea Parties – How to Pick Yours

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Tea parties are not just for little girls playing dolls. With more and more tea rooms gaining in popularity odds are you have seen an advertisement for afternoon tea somewhere along the line. Hats are traditionally worn to afternoon tea as English tea is often taken out of doors in the garden. As such, a hat is needed to keep the sun off the face and skin to keep the elegant look of paleness that was so desired.

Though standards have definitely changed, hats at tea are still a must and are perfect for any tea party.There are dozens of different styles when it comes to the best tea party hat. For those that are at tending tea out of doors, larger hats with wide brims are perfect, such as hats for the Kentucky derby. Think floppy sun hat but with a bit of an elegant touch. Things like flowers are welcomed on all tea hats as well as ribbons and other delicate and lady like embellishments. Think of tea as the time to make the most of all things girly and to find a fascinator that is going to get attention and be dainty and delicate at the same time.

Types of Tea Hats

Tea hats can vary from large and extravagant to small and delicate depending on time of day and setting. Those parties that are held out of doors generally call for more whimsical looks with hats that feature delicate flowers and ribbons while high tea may require hats that are more sophisticated. Depending on where you are attending tea, you will need to adapt your fascinator to fit the place where you are having tea and the time of day that you are taking tea as well as high tea is generally a bit more formal that afternoon or low tea.

For those attending tea inside, structured pill box hats and those that mimic that style of men’s hats are also attractive. Structured hats that are small are perfect for tea time and are great for those that want something that is going to be interesting and that can stand up to more decoration and more detailed extras. Tea is a chance to wear a fascinator that you may not want to wear out daily and a chance to really break out the wonderful pieces that a company like Gold Coast Couture offers.

Accessories for Hats

Some common accessories for the perfect tea hats are birdcage veils. These add a bit of whimsy and delicate flare without being too over the top or too extravagant for any tea time occasion. For those that do choose a fascinator with birdcage veiling, feathers are a fun touch that adds to the drama. Traditionally, women do not remove their hats when taking tea so it is important that you choose a hat or fascinator that fits your taste and style but that is also manageable for tea time.

Silk, velvet, and other luxurious fabrics are desired for tea hats as a hat was a sign of wealth and high society in England when the tradition began. Finding the perfect tea hat or fascinator does not have to be difficult. Gold Coast Couture offers hundreds of styles, fabrics, colors, designs, and range of hats and fascinators so that you can find the one that works best for your individual tastes, and your desires.

Fascinators are a wonderful way to draw attention and to really make an impact at any party but especially at a tea party or a garden party where tea is being served. Fascinators are a wonderful way to make an ordinary outfit something extraordinary and to really make your entire outfit pop.  

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