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Meghan Markle Hats and Fascinators

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Knowing which hat or fascinator to choose to match your outfit and hairstyle is really important. The wife of Prince William, Meghan Markle, is one of the rare celebrities who has a strictly profound taste in dresses and hats.

Today, our guide will help you choose some of the finest hats and fascinators that would match your look perfectly. Remember, what we wear is, in essence, who we are. Meghan is one of the few people who fully understand this. Her style is unique, agleam, and incandescent. Thus, if you are interested in learning more, make sure to check out what we have to say about it!

How does Meghan Markle match her hats?

When looking for a perfect hat, Meghan understands that it mustn’t take away from her natural beauty but add to it. The hats she chooses are often the same color as the dresses she is wearing.

In the first photograph, Markle can be seen matching a white hat with a white dress. However, what is most captivating about it is that the hat’s brim matches her belt and her wallet. There always needs to be some contrast, and she does it beautifully.

The contrast in the second photograph is made via the red flower on an entirely black outfit. In this situation, her hat is not there to provide contrast but to be the object of it.

Beige hats are also something she has been known to wear. Such hats and fascinators often compliment the outfit and lighten her skin. This approach is something she's known for using a lot as a member of the British Royal Family.

Is color important?

Yes, color is essential when it comes to hats and fascinators. Markle is known for vibrant colors as well. For instance, her brown hat (in the photograph below) stands out and draws attention to her hair and face.

However, Markle opted for a green dress with a green hat in this photograph. This color suits her very well, and it can suit you too if you match it as well as she did.

Another perfect example of how color is crucial if you are wearing hats and fascinators is the photograph in which Markle chose a black beret and matched it with a purple dress.

In this particular case, the color palette showcases the dress and her face more than the hat she is wearing. Yet, if she chose a more vibrant color, both the face and the dress would leave the spotlight.

Perception is the key

How people see and comprehend others with hats is what is most important. In some cases, hats can provide an aura of mystery, as seen in the photograph just below.

In some cases, we can use fascinators to achieve the same result. The veiled fascinator Markle chose for this occasion was astounding, beautiful, and simply astonishing.

A white beret and loose hair create a feeling of warmth and caring and add to the high-class look she’s going for. Meghan Markle made it seem so easy in the following photograph:

The moment we see someone for the first time is really important as it leaves a permanent impression. Hats can change the perception just like that. For instance:

The first photograph shows Markle in her casual edition. She is confident and happy, and she is not afraid to show it. The second one is Markle in her classy/royal edition — the hat brings that out of her.

The final photograph resembles a cozy late Autumn/early Winter style which fits Markle flawlessly.


Both hats and fascinators drastically change the perception we have of someone. It is crucial to understand this, especially if you want to follow a similar look like Meghan Markle. We know for sure that she has solid taste and that you won’t make a mistake looking up to her. Just make sure that you match your hats and fascinators with the rest of your outfit, and you can’t go wrong!